Brandon Avery

USFSM Admissions counselor brandon avery

Assistant Director, Admissions
Dual Enrollment Coordinator |  (941) 359-4331

Education: BA in Journalism with a minor in Sociology; MS in College Student Affairs
Hometown: Macomb, MI

What advice would you give to future students considering USFSM?

Really think about what you are looking for in your college home. If you are looking for a personal atmosphere where the community is as big of a part of your college career is the campus itself – check out USFSM! We have classes that take you to the beach, to the kitchen, to the Aquarium or halfway around the world. Lastly, you want to make sure that you find a place where you can give as much to the institution as it will give to you.

What makes USFSM great?

If you are a leader and do not want to go where you’ll repeat what thousands of students have done before you, this is a great place for you! USFSM is growing, but is extremely student-centered.  As a result, our students are able to make a substantial and immediate impact on their campus community.

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