Dual Enrollment FAQs

What are the requirements?
Students must have at least Junior standing at their high school at the start of their dual enrollment.  In addition, students must have an unweighted high school grade point average of 3.3 or better.  Students also need to have SAT scores of 560 in Critical Reading, 530 in Mathematics or ACT scores of 21 in both Reading and Mathematics.

How many classes can I take?
Students may take up to two classes per semester.

If I take classes at USFSM, does that exclude me from taking other dual enrollment credits?
While students can only take two dual enrollment credits at USFSM, students are allowed to take dual enrollment classes at other institutions.  Students should speak with their high school dual enrollment counselor for more information.

What terms are available?
Students may take classes in all semesters. However, summer classes are not compensated by the school district and must be paid for by the student

What tests may I submit for consideration of admission to the program?
We accept the SAT, ACT or P.E.R.T. test.

How do I receive my materials for the class?
Since the county provides a book waiver, dual enrollment students must go to the USFSM Bookstore to get the materials for their classes.

May I take online classes?
No. All dual enrollment students must take classes in person and on the USFSM campus.

What GPA do you consider?
We consider the “unweighted” GPA for consideration into the dual enrollment program.

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