Affiliated Housing

USFSM is dedicated to the success of our students and understands how residential experiences contribute to advancing this priority.

That’s why we’ve worked to create an affiliated housing initiative to develop formal relationships with off-campus entities that share our interest in student engagement and support. We feel that these properties offer an enjoyable residential experience within close proximity to our campus and offer students the opportunity to live alongside their peers.

Although USFSM has no ownership or management role in these properties, nor does the owner or management report to USFSM, we encourage students to consider these apartments while browsing off-campus housing options.

Incoming Students

If you are a student in the process of applying to or enrolling at USFSM, please reach out to the Office of Admissions at (941) 359-4331 to learn more about the properties we have partnered with.

Current Students

If you are a current student at USFSM, please contact the Office of Student Engagement at (941) 359-4711.

Affiliated Housing Partners

USFSM is currently renegotiating our affiliated housing contracts and will be posting updated information soon. If you have additional questions please reach out to Kim Mones in Student Life at 941-359-4268.