E-Learning: Announcing…Getting Started Template

USFSM E-Learning Services has developed a “Getting Started” Canvas template that will help faculty set the stage for their course and help students start strong by easily locating important support materials and guides.  The module will be helpful for all courses that utilize Canvas.  It can be useful for online, hybrid and face-to-face courses.

Who can request this template?

Any faculty member who is interested in providing clear, helpful “Getting Started” information in their Canvas course is welcome to request the template.  The template will help faculty to incorporate course introductory material in a way that will meet the high standards consistent with Quality Matters.

What does this template contain?

The template contains:

  • Sample Welcome Message
  • Orientation Module that includes:
    • Student Online Learning Orientation (Introduction to Canvas)
    • Netiquette Guide
    • Support Services information
    • Sample syllabus and course schedule
    • Technology Guidelines for successful online course completion
  • Template for an Introduction discussion forum

Can the template be modified to fit my specific course information?

Yes!  Any part of the template can be modified to fit your specific course needs.  We identified specific areas that NEED to be modified by placing that text in Red.  Text that is shared in Black font can be used as it is or it can be modified to fit the needs of the specific faculty and course.

How do I request a copy of the “Getting Started” template?

If you would like to use the Getting Started template, simply contact E-Learning Services.

E-Learning Services – 941-359-4295 – elearning@sar.usf.edu

We will assist you in uploading the template into your course or sandbox.

What happens after I receive the copy of the template?

Customize your template.  Keep items that are relevant to your course.  Change and/or discard items as needed.  Pay it forward by telling a colleague that the template is available!

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