E-Learning Blog: Active Learning with Panopto

Active Learning

Active learning is achieved when a student consciously participates in the learning process.
Students can practice active learning techniques in almost any setting.  When completing a reading assignment, students can ask themselves questions based on chapter headings and search for the answers within the paragraphs of text.  This helps them to actively participate in the reading assignment.  Similarly, in a classroom students can take notes and formulate questions for the instructor based off of the lecture in order to consciously participate in the learning process.


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As an instructor, you have the opportunity to incorporate activities in your online and face to face class sessions that promote active learning. Implementing a self-check quiz based on a reading assignment or video lecture can help students engage with the content.  Including a discussion forum in which students discuss a topic that was presented through the reading and/or lecture will allow students to analyze content and state it in their own words. They may also have the opportunity to defend and expand various viewpoints as they interact with other students in the forum. Requiring students to submit a summary of the module content in their own words as an assignment can encourage students to interact with the course material as they determine which points to include in their summary. When you share thoughtful feedback with the student to encourage accurate submissions and correct inaccurate interpretations of the content, students interact with you and engage in active learning in yet another way.

While we encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning, it is also important for instructors to include opportunities for active learning to encourage students to consciously participate in the learning process.

Panopto Quiz Feature

The latest version of Panopto includes a Quiz feature.  Instructors can use the Quiz feature to add True/False, Multiple Choice and Multiple Select questions within their videos recorded with or uploaded to Panopto. Embedding quiz questions within your video lecture allows students the opportunity to interact with the content and engage in Active Learning.

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Create your Quiz in Panopto

Excited to get started using this feature?  Check out the Creative Quizzes in Panopto guide for quick-start instructions.

Creating Quizzes in Panopto

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