E-Learning Blog: Canvas Certification Course

Join us for “Back to School” Professional Development sessions and let E-Learning Services share tips and tricks to lighten your load as you develop and teach your online courses.

Canvas Certification Course (C3)

This Professional Development session will allow participants to gain an introduction to and experience using Canvas, the USF Learning Management system.  The session will be 2 weeks long and will be administered completely online. We will offer the session two times in the month of August.


Session 1:  August 8 – 19, 2016

Session 2: August 22 – September 2, 2016

Upon completion, participants in the Canvas Certification Course will be able to:

  • Use specific tools available through Canvas to create a course shell, upload a syllabus and create a simple module with a content page, assignment, discussion forum and quiz
  • Import course-related content via imports tools and files uploads.
  • Build course-related activities via assignments, discussions and quizzes.
  • Set up assignments and the course gradebook
  • Modify the home page and course navigation for a course shell
  • Discuss ways that the tools described in this course could support student success and student engagement in their course.
  • Describe support available through the USFSM library and E-Learning departments

Register today! http://sar.usfsm.edu/e-learning-services/professional-development/