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E-Learning Blog:  Special Circumstances for Quizzes in Canvas

From time to time faculty may need to grant extended time or open a separate testing window for a student in an online or hybrid course. There are various reasons that exceptions need to be made to the general parameters set for quizzes in Canvas. Accommodations for students with disabilities may require extra time for students. Documented illnesses may necessitate an alternate testing window for specific students.  Canvas can accommodate these circumstances.

Extended time

If quiz settings include a time limit for students to complete the quiz and you need to extend time for specific students you can do so by using the “Moderate this quiz” function.

Open the quiz and choose Moderate this quiz

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In this area you can view the attempts made by each student as well as their score and amount of time spent on quiz attempts.

moderate quiz

If you click the edit icon (pencil) to the right of a student name, you will be able to add additional attempts and give extended amount of time to that particular student.

 student extensions image

Alternate Testing Window

If you need to assign an alternate testing window to a student, begin by opening the quiz.

Click to Edit the quiz.  Scroll to the bottom.

At the bottom of the Assign window, there is a +add option.  Click this option to assign a separate testing window.

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Begin typing the student name and click to add the student name in the Assign to box. Assign the Due, Available from and Until dates for the student.  You will notice that the top Assign to area switches from “Everyone” to “Everyone else”.  Click to save your changes.

Completed "assign to" box

For additional information and detailed instructions, visit the Canvas Guides:

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