E-Learning Blog: Canvas SpeedGrader

Super-charge your Canvas Skills

From time to time we receive the following type of comment from instructors: “I’ve used Canvas for a while now and I know the basics.  Do you know about any new or advanced Canvas features that could enhance my course?”  This week’s blog post shares a Canvas tip for users who are ready to move beyond the basics.

SpeedGrader Overview

SpeedGrader is a Canvas tool that many instructors find helpful when reviewing Assignments, Graded Discussion, and Quizzes that students submit through Canvas. SpeedGrader allows the instructor to view student submissions and share comments, update student submission grade, share feedback from an Assignment Rubric, mark up the submission with Crocodoc or download the submission for review.

Sort Assignments in SpeedGrader

Instructors using SpeedGrader have a few options regarding the way that they view student submission in SpeedGrader. One feature that we’ve found to be especially helpful is located in the Settings area for SpeedGrader.

Speedgrader Settings Image

When instructors click on the Settings option, they will be able to choose how SpeedGrader displays the student submissions.

Speedgrader Options screen shot

Instructors can click the box to “Hide student names in the SpeedGrader” if they would like to review submissions in this manner.  They can also choose the order in which assignments are shared.  The option to view “by submission status” can be very helpful as SpeedGrader will group together the student submission that need to be graded so that instructors do not need to sort through assignments that were not submitted or those that have already been graded in order to locate items that still need to be graded.

To learn more about sorting assignments in the Canvas SpeedGrader, review the Canvas Guide.