E-Learning Blog: Canvas Tool – Message Students Who

We are moving towards the mid-point of the spring semester. This is a critical phase in our courses as students submit mid-term projects and exams. Student participation and performance on these mid-term assignments has a strong impact on their success as a student this semester.

There is a simple, yet very powerful, tool within Canvas that may be helpful to you as an instructor in the coming weeks. “Message Students Who” is an option for each graded assignment in the Canvas gradebook and is located within the gradebook. This tool offers faculty the chance to use an automated system that will alert students who fall below the threshold you set. For instance, if you wanted to send a message to everyone with a C- or below on a midterm, you could use “Message Students Who” to alert students to office hours, additional practice, or suggested additional readings.

To locate the “Message Students Who” tool, go into your course gradebook and click the dropdown menu for the assignment you wish to address.

Screenshot image of gradebook assignment dropdown menu

Click the “Message Students Who…” option and choose the type of students you would like to alert. You can choose to contact students who have not yet submitted the assignment, or students who scored lower or higher than a particular grade on the assignment.

Type your message to the group of students chosen and click send.

Screenshot image of Message Students Who Popup window

This tool can be used to share reminders with students who have fallen behind or to share congratulations with students who have earned high scores on an assignment.

For more details, review the Canvas Guide for this tool.

It’s a proven technique we hope you use!