E-Learning Blog: Reusable Learning Objects

E-Learning Services has collaborated with various departments at USFSM to develop modules and content that you may find helpful in your online or hybrid course.  We’re creating Reusable Learning Objects or RLO’s so that a variety of courses may benefit from adding the content as it is or customizing it to be a useful tool in your course.

Specifically, we have developed Reusable Learning Objects on the following topics:

  • Getting Started Module – An introductory module that can be added to any course and customized to share important information for your students as they get started in your online or hybrid course
  • Creative Commons – If you require students to develop projects that include images, this lesson may be helpful in your course. The Creative Commons Lesson includes general information about Creative Commons, short videos describing where to locate images within Creative Commons and an interactive tutorial showing how to properly attribute the source of the image.
  • Incredi-Bull Critical ThinkingThis module will allow you to successfully describe Critical Thinking as it is defined by USFSM and share how you will integrate Critical Thinking in your course.  The module includes an overview, interactive lesson, the Critical Thinking Rubric and the summative survey.

The following 3 minute video shares a brief overview of the Incredi-Bull Critical Thinking Module as well as step by step instructions for locating and downloading the module in Canvas Commons.

Check out all of these new RLO’s by visiting Canvas Commons and searching USFSM!