Partnerships for Arts-Integrated Teaching (PAInT)

Partnerships for Arts-Integrated Teaching (PAInT) is an initiative in the College of Education, designed to help students learn through arts integration in the classroom.  The mission of PAInT is as follows:

In partnership, we will: Set the stage for 5500 students in local schools each year to LEARN  through integration of the arts; LEAD educator preparation with arts-integrated teaching; INSPIRE other communities by the successes at USF Sarasota & Manatee; TRANSFORM colleges of education and learning in schools.

The PAInT Programs are:

Arts Partnerships: Bring artistic expertise into educator preparation courses, internships and local school classrooms

Artist-to-Teacher Scholarship: Enable artists to become certified educators through scholarships in our graduate programs

The INPAInT Digitized Resource Center: Provide an online resource of member-shared materials for learning through arts-integration

Evidence and Advocacy: Document and share how the PAInT approach adds value to learning

Continuing Education: Provide learning experiences for current educators to enhance their skills in arts-integration

Questions about PAInT can be directed to Dr. Liz Larkin in the College of Education –