Meet Your CampEx Guides

Alyssa Stern

  • Major: Biology 
  • Class of: 2021
  • High School: Big Lake High School (Minnesota)
    Why I chose USFSM:
    I chose USFSM because it was a small campus and small class sizes. You meet many more people than you would at a traditional and the professors know your name your not just a number. They have a wonderful biology program with many opportunities to branch out into what field you want to have a career in.

Favorite USFSM memory: My favorite memory would have to be my first homecoming football game. We took a bus to Tampa and the whole time we were jammin’ out to music and having a good time. The game itself there was so much energy and for anyone who loves football you will have a blast! 

One tip to incoming students: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The professors are there to help you succeed use it to your advantage!         

Kayla Collins

  • Major: English 
  • Class of: 2020
  • High School: Hazelwood West High School
    Why did you choose USFSM
    : I choose USFSM because of the multitude of opportunities this campus has to offer, as well as the tight-knit and accepting community. USFSM allows each and every individual to feel as though they matter and are crucial to the success of the school, and that is something that is beneficial to the students, staff and faculty as a whole.
    Favorite USFSM memory: Attending the Ambassadors fall retreat at the Sandcastle Resort on Lido Beach where we stayed up playing card games and binge eating until 4 a.m.

    One tip for incoming students: Reach out to the staff and faculty on campus, as they are so willing to aid you on your mission to accomplish your goals. Many times, students do not take advantage of the people readily available to help them on their path. Remember that every person here is striving as a team to watch you succeed and are more than willing to lend a helping hand at any given time.

Keianna Hawthorne

  • Major: Biology
  • Class of: 2021
  • High School: Manatee High School

Why did you choose USFSM: I wanted to stay close to home but go to a university with small class sizes.

Favorite USFSM memory: The Bullpen is my favorite memory so far, because the majority of the clubs got together to recruit new members for their clubs and there was a lot of free stuff involved.

One tip for incoming students: Buy a planner to help stay on top of upcoming deadlines and to help you stay organized.

Christella Jasmin

  • Major: Biology
  • Class of: 2021
  • High School: Park Vista Community High School
    Why did you choose USFSM:
    I chose USFSM because it was affordable, it had a wonderful Biology program and the sense of fellowship and family that it exudes.

    Favorite USFSM memory: I have too many favorite USFSM memories to choose one, but if I had to, it would be my freshman orientation because I was instantly at home when I arrived and started speaking with the people there.

    One tip for incoming students: Do not procrastinate, and do not be afraid to ask things of anyone. Regardless of the issue, you never know, USFSM may be more helpful than you think.