Career Options

There is nothing better than speaking with the experts about your career options:

  • Ask your professor about the career.
  • Talk to an academic advisor about the academic program.
  • Review the academic program and course descriptions. Find out what you will be learning in the different courses. Determine your interest in these courses. If you are interested in the course descriptions and think you would enjoy the topic of study, this can very well be the right program for you. If you are not interested in the topic, keep exploring.
  • This is the most important step in the career decision making process.  Talk to a professional working in a career of interest.  This is called an Informational InterviewYou can gain valuable information directly from the professional about the skills required for the position, the trends in the field, and the typical projects or assignments he/she performs.  Test drive your career before you invest your time and money.  Make sure you are making an informed career decision.  The informational interview link explains how to go about meeting with a professional

You may now schedule a career advising appointment.

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