The objective of USFSM’s degree program in accountancy is to provide students with accounting and business knowledge that will serve as a basis for careers in industry, government, nonprofit organizations and public accountancy. COB

Applied Science

This Applied Science program at USF Sarasota-Manatee is designed to grow the professional management skills of students to meet the demand for leadership of highly technical professionals in the workplace. At USFSM, concentrations for the BSAS are available in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership and the College of Business. For CLASS, students can pursue concentrations in Leadership Studies, CHTL offers the concentration in Hospitality Management and College of Business offers concentrations in Information Technology. CHTL, CLASS, COB


The Finance major at USF Sarasota-Manatee is designed to ensure that graduates are familiar with the tools of financial decision making and that they possess the skills to stay abreast of the developments in the field. Finance graduates will understand the functions and operations of financial markets and computer applications as well as know how to utilize financial information. Relying on an interdisciplinary approach, the Finance field draws on economic theory, accounting, information systems and the quantitative decision frameworks of statistics and mathematics. It offers applied and theoretical courses that enable graduates to solve problems regarding funds by organizations in all sectors. Course content is designed to provide majors with an appreciation of cooperative work skills in addition to enhancing their verbal and written communication skills. In addition, Finance graduates’ starting salaries are higher than most other business degrees. Since this degree is applicable to many fields, Finance majors have growth for career opportunities. COB

General Business Administration

USFSM’s General Business Administration major prepares students for positions in an interdisciplinary business world that values cross-functional abilities. This program covers an overview of several administration at a wide variety of business and organizations. With a focus on technical business understanding, this General Business degree allows for in-depth study of two disciplines. This program gives students flexibility in deciding which best fits their interests and helps them demonstrate skills in the two areas they decide to focus on. The added expertise adds value for small to medium sized businesses where employees often wear many hats within their position. Students are encouraged to work with the community through research projects and real world applications that provide experience before they begin their initial employment. COB

Information Technology

The mission of the Information Technology program is to provide high quality educational opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in the broad range of fields that support our computer-based society and economy. The Information Technology (IT) program is designed to bridge the gap between computer science and management information systems. The emphasis of the program is on knowledge-based computer and information technology, traditional computer science concepts, as well as more practical topics including programming, applications, networking, systems administration, and the security and management of a variety of computing environments. This program is 100 percent online in a highly interactive environment, providing options for face-to-face interactions, help sessions and student-oriented schedules. All the courses are taught by industry experts with opportunities to specialize in a domain as well as interesting internship and career prospects. COB


Management is a dynamic field that focuses on planning, organizing and leading in business, non-profit and governmental organizations. It is responsible for the triple bottom-line: financial profits, environmental good and social good. The curriculum in management covers all aspects of management including: human resources development, organizational behavior theory, leadership, organizational development, negotiation, social issues in management, and strategic planning. Graduates will apply the latest ideas and concepts in management to organizational issues. Analytical, communication and leadership skills are developed in both classroom and assignment activities throughout the curriculum. USFSM’s Management degree provides graduates with a set of skills to help create a work environment where employees can work efficiently and effectively. It trains students to strengthen the connection between business and society. COB


Every business must have customers to succeed and marketing is the art and science of identifying, attracting, and serving the right customers for the brand and organization. USFSM’s Marketing curriculum will expose students to a broad array of important business management and decision areas including market analysis, opportunity identification, market segmentation and targeting, product development, pricing, promotion, distribution, and customer experience management, that will prepare students for the complex nature of the business world they will enter after graduation. The business world is constantly evolving as competition changes, technology changes, consumer needs and desires change and it is the skilled people in the business world who understand these issues who will succeed in the long run. USFSM’s Marketing program provides its students the opportunity to develop and hone their skills through courses, internships, and real world experience working on projects with local organizations. COB

Risk Management and Insurance

A new major at USFSM, the Risk Management & Insurance program is one of only two such programs offered by public universities in the state of Florida. The RMI program at USFSM prepares emerging leaders focused on risk analysis, underwriting, wealth management and other critical areas within the global financial industry. COB