We are an interdisciplinary faculty in more than 15 academic disciplines, bound by a shared commitment to the study of human ideas and experience, critical inquiry, creative expression, and open discourse. We are equally committed to the responsibility of instilling these scholarly skills and values in students. In small classes we mentor students, challenging them to achieve and fostering their ability to do so. As a result, our faculty are active scholars, publishing in respected journals and presenting papers at national conferences, and our students are recognized for their scholarship, as well.

Student Scholarly Achievement

Students pursuing majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences have a variety of opportunities to receive the kind of learning experiences often found only at expensive private colleges or in graduate school. As students advance, they can be invited to work with their professor on research projects. Such experiences can lead to presentations at national conferences and even publication credit. An honor’s program, which culminates in the production of an original thesis, is available to qualified students who wish to add value to their undergraduate credential. In the final semester of all Arts and Sciences degree programs, students take a capstone course, in which they apply and synthesize all their learning as they produce and present mature work in the discipline. Here is a sampling of recent capstone projects:

  • The Impact of Urban Sprawl
  • Autism’s Social Costs in Florida
  • Racism and the Birth of the KKK
  • Sports Rioting: The Hidden Face of a Crowd
  • Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Prescription Narcotic Epidemic
  • Analyzing the Use of Force after a Stop and Frisk is Initiated