College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Resident Faculty


Name Title Email Phone
Wagner, Phil Coordinator /
Instructor 941-359-4463


Name Title Email Phone
Deryol, Rustu Instructor 941-359-4382
Grosholz, Jessica Assistant Professor 941-359-4324
Haner, Murat Faculty Research Coordinator/Instructor 941-359-4386
Ngo, Fawn Associate Professor 941-359-4727
Stone, Sandra Professor 941-359-4507
Unnever, James Professor 941-359-4218

Dean of CLASS

Name Title Email Phone
Rose, Jane Dean of CLASS 941-359-4469


Name Title Email Phone
Snipes, Michael Instructor 941-359-4559


Name Title Email Phone
Lawrence, Ann Instructor 941-359-4226
Lipscomb, Valerie Associate Professor 941-359-4718
Senapati, Su Coordinator,
Learning Support Services 941-359-4323
Turner, Timothy Assistant Professor 941-359-4209


Name Title Email Phone
Benowitz, June Associate Professor 941-359-4344
Perry, Jonathan S. Associate Professor 941-359-4248

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Name Title Email Phone
Hao, Feng Assistant Professor 941-359-4219
Hodges, Eric Asst. Professor 941-359-4290
Pieri, Zacharias Instructor
Sloan, Melissa Associate Professor 941-359-4286

Professional & Technical Communication

Name Title Email Phone
Davidson, Wilma Instructor II 941-359-4276
Roberts, Thorold (Tod) Instructor II 941-359-4739
Stewart, John Instructor 941-359-4262

School of Education

Name Title Email Phone
Byrd, Marie Associate Professor 941-359-4534
D’Andrea, Joy Instructor 941-359-4241
Duncan, Heather Instructor 941-359-4288
Govoni, Jane Instructor
Kosten, Lora Instructor II 941-359-4385
Mariano, Jenni M. Associate Professor 941-359-4731
McBrien, Jody L. Professor 941-359-4635
Reck, Brianne L. Associate Professor 941-359-4277
Robinson, Helene Assistant Professor 941-359-4364
Rushton, Stephen Associate Professor 941-359-4345
Wilson, Pat Associate Professor 941-359-4732

Social Work

Name Title Email Phone
Black, Kathy Professor 941-359-4584
Blanco, Silvia Instructor 941-359-4695
Roberts, Jane Instructor 941-359-4604


Name Title Email Phone
Jimenez-Arroyo, Roberto Instructor 941-359-4269