Event Venues

Selby Auditorium and Sudakoff Pavilion

Built as part of the new campus construction in 2006, the Selby Auditorium now plays a core role in hosting events at USFSM. This venue regularly hosts research presentations, award ceremonies, community panel discussions and speaker series panels.

Selby Auditorium and Sudakoff Pavilion Rental Schedule

Courtyard and Rotunda

Two of USFSM’s most popular features on campus are the scenic courtyard and main rotunda. These are both places where we host a variety of events including receptions and orientations.

Courtyard Rental Schedule
FCCI Rotunda Rental Schedule


Multiple classrooms of varying sizes are adaptable to various teaching environments. Each classroom is equipped with advanced instructional technology, projection and recording capabilities.  Check out our Classroom Rental Schedule for more information.

Culinary Innovation Lab

Our Culinary Innovation Lab (CIL) is a state-of-the-art teaching facility for students in our Hospitality Management program. The CIL also serves as a venue for USFSM events, both public and private.  For information on the CIL, please contact Fran Bryant at Francesb@usf.edu or (941) 359-4311.