Dr. Kathy Black

Kathy black usfsm

Title: Professor

Area of Interest: Aging & Health, Age-Friendly Communities; Planning in Advance for Care throughout the End of Life

Phone: 941-359-4584

Curriculum Vitae: CV

Email: kblack@sar.usf.edu

Office: SMC C253

Kathy Black is a Professor of Aging Studies and Social Work at the University of South Florida, Sarasota – Manatee. Dr. Black obtained her Ph.D. from the State University of New York, Albany and Master’s Degrees in Social Work and Gerontology from the University of Southern California and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Black is a Next Avenue Top 50 National Influencer in Aging, Hartford Geriatric Social Work Faculty Scholar, a Fellow in the Gerontological Society of America, and The Patterson Foundation Initiative Consultant for Age-Friendly Sarasota. Dr. Black has 40 years of experience in the field of aging including work as gerontological researcher, educator, geriatric case manager, medical social worker, and geriatric nurse throughout the continuum of care. Dr. Black has conducted over 200 presentations at local, state, national, and international venues and has authored over 50 publications.


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