Application for Professional Support

Members of the Committee

Faizan Ali – Committee Chair
College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership
Bhuvanesh Unhelkar – Member
College of Business
Stephen Rushton – Member
College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
School of Education
Ken Caswell – Member
College of Science & Mathematics
Diane M. Fulkerson – Ex Officio Member
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Meetings & Agendas

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Application Deadline  Applications Received
 August 31, 2017 Agenda Minutes  August 27, 2017 7
September 28, 2017 Agenda Minutes September 25, 2017  7
October 26, 2017 Agenda Minutes October 23, 2017  3
November 30, 2017 Agenda Minutes November 27, 2017  9
January 25, 2018 Agenda Minutes January 22, 2018 8
February 22, 2018 Agenda Minutes February 19, 2018 7
March 29, 2018 NA Minutes

Status of Funds

Total Awarded Available
$50,000 $51,446.85 ($1,446.85)

FPDC Funds 2017-2018 Status Chart

Application Form

Description: Implementation of the USFSM Chancellor’s Professional Support Initiative is a joint effort of the Office of the Regional Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs and the Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee. A limited amount of funds is provided to support faculty members in their professional activities above and beyond support already provided by their respective colleges. This resource helps faculty members participate in specific activities that will help them build or augment their expertise in teaching, research, or service. The aim is to build capacity across the university and enhance the profile and prestige of USFSM.

Eligibility: Full time resident faculty are eligible to apply, and multiple faculty members may submit an application. Visiting faculty are not eligible to apply for Professional Development funds. Applications are accepted and reviewed by the Faculty Professional Development Committee on a rolling basis each month during the academic year. Faculty can apply for support for a range of activities that include, but are not limited to the following: conference travel support, research support, materials for teaching activities or course development, or attending training seminars for research or teaching skills.

The applicant must provide a detailed description of the professional development activity/event and plan and all supporting documentation (e.g., support for conference travel must supply conference dates, application for research project support must have IRB approval, etc.). Applicants must provide a one page report within one month immediately following the event to the Professional Development Committee, describing the outcomes of the activity/event, its assessed value for the faculty member’s professional development, and discussing any plans for follow-up.

Rubric: The following rubric is the instrument used by the Professional Development Committee to evaluate applications. Please feel free to consult it in order to make sure you address the evaluating criteria in your application. View the Professional Development Committee Rubric here.

Funding decisions will be based on an overall assessment of the completeness and quality of the rationale, and consideration of availability of funds and competing applications during the funding cycle. Applications that support the institutional vision of interdisciplinary collaboration, community engagement or others are particularly encouraged.


Apply for Professional Support