CCC About & Membership


The Core Curriculum Committee is responsible for the ongoing development, implementation, and assessment of an effective and meaningful core curriculum. Responsibilities include approval of courses for all components of the core curriculum, and assessment of their effectiveness.  These include, at the lower level, general education and foundations courses; at the upper-level, pillars courses. This committee advises the Regional Chancellor and the Regional Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, and reports to the Faculty Senate on the development of future general education programs at the university and provide continuous assessment of the general education program.


Membership consists of two full-time faculty representatives from each college at USF Sarasota-Manatee (CLASS, CSM, COB and CHTL).  The faculty in each college elect two Core Curriculum Committee representatives to serve staggered two-year terms.

The chair of the Core Curriculum Committee will be the current Coordinator of Core Curriculum as this person reports directly to Faculty Senate and Academic Council.

Current Committee Members   2017-2018

Chair: Dr. Phil Wagner CLASS
Members: Dr. Keith Barron CHTL
Dr. Katerina Berezina CHTL
Dr. Jamey Darnell COB
Dr. Michael Gillespie – Advisory CSM
Dr. Ann Lawrence CLASS
Ms. Melanie LeClainche – Advisory
Dr. Sunita Lodwig COB
Dr. Jody McBrien CLASS
Dr. Jay Michaels CSM
Dr. Donna Polelle CSM

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