Guidelines for APC Members

APC Retreat PowerPoint

Submitting APC Proposals

Step 1. Faculty submit the proposals to the APC support staff by posted deadline dates. Administrators may submit policy proposals.

Step 2. APC Support Staff reviews all proposals prior to their submission to preview teams. The support staff documents recommended changes.  The APC chair will assign proposals to preview teams.  Whenever possible, the assigned preview team members will not be from the same college as the proposal initiator.  (In the event that an APC member is unable to complete his/her term, the APC Chair can temporarily serve as an alternate preview team member.)

Step 3. The APC support staff provides the proposal(s) to the preview team by email containing either attachments or a link to the proposal online. Team members will independently review proposals then communicate with their preview team member.  One member will summarize the comments and take lead on contacting the proposer to address any questions and/or needed revisions. Each previewer should copy his/her team member and APC support staff on all emails to the proposer.

Note: Pre-proposals for new academic degrees will be submitted to all APC members for review. The author and the dean will be invited to the APC meeting to address any questions.

APC support staff are available to the APC preview team for any questions or support.

Step 4.  By the APC approved deadline dates, preview teams will need to:

  • Return final documents to APC support staff for posting into Canvas (please specify any changes made to the APC support staff to ensure the database proposal is correctly aligned)
  • Notify APC support staff of the status of the proposals (discussion agenda or consent agenda)
  • Notify APC support staff of requests to have the proposal initiator or other guests invited to the APC meeting

Discussion Agenda Items:
The following proposals will, by default, be placed on the discussion agenda.  These proposals must first be approved by APAC before submitted to APC.

  • New academic degree proposals
  • New academic degree pre-proposals
  • New majors, minors, concentrations, and certificates
  • Program suspensions/deletions/reinstatements

Other items may be placed on the discussion agenda at the discretion of the preview team.

Consent Agenda Items:
Proposals not limited to the discussion agenda (see above) may be placed on the consent agenda if both preview team members make that determination.

Step 5. The APC support staff will post the final submissions to Canvas and notify APC members that the documents are posted for review. APC members will review all documents on both the consent agenda and the discussion agenda.

Step 6. During the APC meeting, preview teams will present an overview of the proposals they reviewed. At the APC meetings members will vote on all proposals. For any agenda items that are conditionally approved pending revision(s), the preview team will coordinate with the APC support staff to ensure that all necessary revisions are made.

Approval – Proposals pass with a simple majority vote. Documents will be forwarded to the Academic Council (AC). The AC reviews and may make recommendations. The proposal will then be processed through the appropriate administrative authorities, including APAC for new degree programs, majors, minors, concentrations and certificates.  Notification will be provided to the College Dean or Administrator, Faculty Senate, and Student Services when the administrative process is completed.

Disapproval – Proposals that fail to win a simple majority vote will be returned to the college dean and initiator with APC’s stated reasons for the negative vote.

Deferral – Proposals shall be deferred when a simple majority of the members present vote to defer the proposal. The APC chair will outline the steps necessary to bring the proposal back for action by the APC. This document will be sent to the college dean and initiator.

Step 7. The APC chair will notify the college dean or administrator in writing following the APC meeting of the action taken and outline the next steps in the process.