Instructions for Submitting Proposals to the CCC

All course proposals for lower-level General Education courses and upper-level Pillar courses must be submitted to the Core Curriculum Committee. Proposals should be submitted two weeks prior to a Core Curriculum Committee meeting. New course proposals must be submitted during fall semesters in order to become part of the following year’s catalog. After approval by the CCC, new course proposals must be submitted to APC with the record of CCC review attached. Please see the Meetings section of this website for current CCC meeting dates. Please visit the APC website for a list of their current meeting dates.


Core Curriculum Course Proposals

The Core Curriculum Committee is currently accepting proposals for lower-division general education and upper-level pillars courses.

Upper-level pillars courses each address two of the six Pillars of Intellectual Engagement:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Ethics
  • Diversity
  • Community Engagement

All courses with a Pillars of Intellectual Engagement attribute must follow specific guidelines in their courses and submit assessment data each semester to the Core Curriculum Committee.  When submitting a course, please first visit the course review worksheet, which is the document the CCC will use when reviewing your course. Also, please see the assessment assignment worksheet, which will be used to determine if the course assignment to be submitted for CCC assessment is appropriate. The rubrics below will be used to score all CCC assessment documents:

Course Proposal Instructions

Note:  Proposals must be submitted through the online system at least five days before a scheduled Core Curriculum Meeting.

  1. Visit the APC page to determine if the course being proposed is a new course or a revision to an existing course. Note: If you are seeking a pillars attribute for a course already in the USF Course Inventory, you will submit your proposal as a course revision.
  2. Prepare a course syllabus using the USFSM Syllabus Template.
  3. Log into the USF Course Proposal System using your net ID and password.
    • If the course is a new course (not currently offered in the USF Course Inventory), refer to the guidelines provided on the APC Submit a Proposal page.
    • If revising an existing course, select Addition of General Education Component to another USF Institution’s Course on the Create a Proposal tab.
    • Complete all required fields, utilizing the ?help buttons as needed, clicking Save and Proceed after each step.
    • Track your progress with the Proposal Progress box on the left.
    • Upload the syllabus and any other supporting documentation.
    • Select Submit Proposal.
  4. Proposal is automatically submitted to your college dean, who reviews for accuracy and forwards proposal to the CCC chair.
  5. Proposals can be tracked on your My Proposals tab as they progress through the CCC process. Email notifications will also be sent to you at each step in the proposal process.

As you propose a course, note that the Core Curriculum is labeled as “General Education.” Please also note that you only need to provide a justification for specific pillars areas (i.e., if you are proposing a Diversity and Community Engagement course, you do not need to complete the justifications sections for Leadership, Ethics, Communication, or Critical Thinking).