Procedure to Submit Agenda Item

The following protocol was developed by the Faculty Senate in an attempt to guide faculty members on how to place a topic on the Faculty Senate agenda.

  1. A USFSM faculty member who wishes to place a topic on the Faculty Senate (FS) agenda should first ensure that the topic is under the jurisdiction of the Faculty Senate according to its Constitution and Bylaws. If so, the topic should be submitted to a Faculty Senate member at least two weeks prior to the next regularly scheduled Senate meeting.
  1. The FS member who has been informed of a faculty member’s request to place a topic on the FS agenda must notify the FS President of the proposed agenda item no later than 10 days prior to the FS meeting. If the FS President determines that additional information is needed, the faculty member will provide the FS President with additional details (whether in person or in writing).
  1. Any topic that the FS President elects to exclude from the agenda will not be listed on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled meeting. The FS President will explain his/her decision rationale to the proposing FS member.


  1. If the item is excluded from the agenda, the proposing faculty member may bring the item before the FS during the “Other Business: Items from the floor” portion of the meeting. Items brought before the FS during “Other Business: Items from the floor” cannot be voted on during that meeting. If the proposer would then like to place the item on the next month’s regular FS agenda, a simple majority vote of the FS members is needed.