SCF Collegiate School Scholarship Program

The SCF Collegiate School Scholarship will provide the following:

  • Funding for any unmet need to pay tuition charges and fees for required credits for a bachelor’s degree from USF Sarasota-Manatee.
  • The scholarship will support up to 60 credit hours (72 for Elementary Education) beyond the Associate of Arts degree or up to three years, whichever comes first.
  • The scholarship is for undergraduate course work only.
  • Student must maintain continuous full time academic status (enroll in at least 12 credit hours fall and spring).
  • The scholarship will cover summer enrollment in cases where a required course is offered only in the summer.
  • Any courses taken at another post-secondary institution through cross enrollment will not be covered by the scholarship.
  • An additional amount, up to $200 per semester, will be provided to help with the cost of books.
  • Student eligibility is limited to those who enroll at USFSM beginning no later than the first semester following graduation from SCFCS.

Criteria for Initial Award

  • Be a US citizen or meet the requirements of an eligible non-citizen as defined by the Federal Student Aid program.
  • Complete the admissions application process by stated deadlines.
  • Not attend another post-secondary institution after graduation from SCFCS and prior to USFSM.
  • Submit a FAFSA application by the deadline date.
  • Students must have graduated from the SCF Collegiate School and been awarded an Associate of Arts degree from SCF.
  • The scholarship will not duplicate another USFSM scholarship or waiver that also provides for full tuition and fees.
  • Student is required to apply for all other available USFSM scholarships for which they may qualify.

Criteria for Renewal

  • Students must maintain full time academic enrollment in the terms that the scholarship is awarded and complete a minimum of 24 credits each academic year toward their chosen degree program.
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.