Application Process

Step-by-Step Application Process

  1. USF Department or faculty member decides to invite an international faculty, professor, researcher, or expert to engage in research, teaching, observation or other academic activity at USF for duration of 1 week to 5 years.
    1. The department is expected to verify that the exchange visitor’s academic credentials are appropriate to the proposed program objectives and agrees to supervise the activity during the exchange visitor’s stay at USF.
    2. The department should arrange for office space and access to office equipment (computer, phone, etc), as deemed appropriate to the proposed activity.
  2. USF Department works with international visitor to complete the Exchange Visitor Request Form (Updated 04/28/2015 to include English Proficiency Form) 3- 6 months prior to the planned start date at USF to ensure that the exchange visitor will have adequate time to apply for the visa and arrange travel.
    1. This form must be signed by the department chair/unit head and the college dean/VP area.
    2. The form must also be signed by the USF Export Control Officer. This is a new application requirement.
    3. The completed form is submitted to International Services with the following support materials:
      1. Copies of current passport biographical page for scholar and any accompanying dependents.
      2. Financial support – bank statements, funding letters or USF funding
      3. If exchange visitor is currently  inside the US, please also include:
        1. Current visa stamp in passport
        2. I-94 Card (front and back of white card stapled into passport or electronic I-94 copy)
        3. DS-2019 Form from current institution, if currently in J-1 status.
      4. Please include a copy of the invitation letter.
      5. If the scholar is a medical doctor at home, please submit this additional form to confirm no patient care at USF.
  3. International Services will issue a DS-2019 within 10 business days of receiving the complete Exchange Visitor Request Form.
  4. The department will be notified when the DS2019 is ready in order to pick it up to send to the scholar by express mail.
  5. Getting the J-1 VISA
    1. If outside the United States, the exchange visitor pays the SEVIS fee (I-901) at www.fmjfee.comand applies for the J-1 visa at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. If the Consular Office determines that the person is a bona fide exchange visitor, the J-1 visa will be granted and the exchange visitor and dependents may enter the US up to thirty days before the start date on the DS-2019.
    2. If the exchange visitor is already inside the US, International Services will contact the current J program sponsor to arrange transfer of the J to USF.  The final DS-2019 is created on the transfer-in date and picked up upon arrival to start the program at USF.
  6. University Arrival Procedures
    1. Once the exchange visitor arrives in Tampa, he/she should check in with International Services within 10 days of start date on DS-2019 form. Failure to do so will jeopardize the individual’s legal status in the US.
    2. During check-in/orientation, International Services will provide the exchange visitor with basic information about USF, Tampa Bay, and immigration.
      1. If the exchange visitors will be employed by the department, they will receive a Social Security letter and instructions on applying for the SSN.
        1. The Social Security Office will only accept applications 10 days from the arrival date into the US as noted on the arrival documents.
        2. After obtaining the SSN receipt notice, the visitors may complete the normal USF Right Start process to obtain an ID card and other access.
      2. If the exchange visitors will not be employed, they will be provided with a university U number. This will allow the visitor to obtain an ID card, access to computers, and the library.  If the visitor needs a NET ID, the department must complete the GEMS person of interest process to generate an email address.  International Services can provide the visitor with the NET ID access code number.

Tips for the USF Sponsoring Department

  • The department agrees to assist our office with the collection of immigration documentation and proof of health insurance as required by law, to contact our office before changes are made to the exchange visitor’s program and prior to completion of program.
  • If your scholar will need short term or temporary accommodation, please refer to this list of hotels in the USF area.   Be sure to direct the scholar to identify themselves as a USF visitor for any hotel discounts. Housing in the USFSM area