How long do I want to study abroad?

A good first place to start might be length of study. At USF Education Abroad, we offer many different kinds of programs, but our three most popular types are:

Semester Study–Fall and spring full semester programs allow students to truly integrate into their host culture and attend institutes, colleges, and universities overseas with other foreign and local students. Your living options and program prices range from program to program as does the field of study available. In most cases, you may take courses from a range of majors as varied as the USF catalog. A semester abroad is an enriching experience allowing you to truly acculturate to your host country. It allows you the opportunity to get to know the people and culture as well as see and experience your discipline from a different perspective–one that can not only compliment your own understanding, but one you can bring back with you and use to supplement your home campus USF education.

Summer Programs–USF summer programs range in length from 2 to 10 weeks during the May to August period. Program dates vary, but each are designed to maximize student exposure to their host cultures while providing an intensive academic study. In most cases, some lectures will be conducted on campus before and after the trip, as well as exams and projects with the faculty director on-site in their host country. In addition to USF faculty led programs, Education Abroad is partnered with many international partner institutes and universities that host our students for focused study. There is also the potential for experiential learning through service, teaching, and internships.

Short-Term Programs–The Education Abroad Office has previously arranged spring break and intersession short programs designed for students with limited travel time but intense interest. These programs are highly intensive in nature and rely on a good deal of course work to be completed on campus prior to departure. This work is then brought to life through on-site research and firsthand experiences.

Not all schools and programs have terms dates that line up exactly with USF’s dates. You are encouraged to research your program on the web or speak to an Education Abroad Advisor for more details on particular programs.

Each program length has its own advantages, and you should consider first and foremost the kind of experience you want to have. Semester study is often considered to be the most enriching as students are often integrated with local students in their host country, take courses at a host university or institution, and have the opportunity to integrate into a society by participating in local customs and truly living abroad; they are also the most cost effective programs when total cost is compared to time spent in country. Summer programs offer students a taste of the culture but are shorter and thus sometimes work more easily with their schedules and responsibilities at home. Please check out our available programs page for all of our program offerings: Available Programs

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