Tips for Planning

Each student’s academic program is different, and students should work with their academic advisers throughout the process of studying abroad. USF Education Abroad advisors are administrators and not academic advisors – therefore they cannot advise you on how classes will count towards you degree, only your department can do that.

Tip 1: Plan early.
Talk to your academic advisor in advance about your desire to study abroad. Students studying in the pre-med or pre-architecture track, through the College of Medicine, College of Engineering, and/or College of Nursing should consult as early as possible with their advisors to make room in your schedules to remain on track for graduation.

Tip 2: saving one or two electives for use abroad.

Tip 3: fulfilling language requirements (basic to advanced).

Tip 4: which courses must be taken on campus and which can be replaced by external courses.

Tip 5: areas of the world and schools for excellence within your discipline.

Tip 6: major specific grants and scholarships for international study.

In the end, our office is here to help any way we can. If you or your advisor have any questions or concerns, our staff is here to address them – please feel free to contact us.

For more information contact GEO