Fees and Policies

Please read the following information about fees and policies for professional and continuing education courses.


To register for a course, find the course in “Courses Offered.”

Students may register for courses or events directly on our catalog site. In accordance with the Office of PACE policy, only students who have enrolled and paid their fees by the enrollment deadline for each course will be considered enrolled. Late registrations will be issued a $25 late fee.

All payments must be received prior to being admitted to a course.

Retroactive Enrollment

Retroactive course enrollments have a time limit. Requests for retroactive enrollment will only be permitted on a one-by-one basis depending on the duration of the course.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may request a refund if you cancel your registration prior to the start of a course.

Refunds are not issued after the start of a course or after access to the course has been provided unless you have extenuating circumstances for why you are unable to finish the class. All eligible drops will be assessed a $50 fee.


Course or event costs vary per offering based on the delivery mode and number of credits. All fees are due prior to being given access to the course.

Textbooks and Supplies

Contact your instructor directly to determine where to get textbooks and other supplies needed for your course.

Transcripts and Certification

Transcripts or certificates are available for printing directly from the course page after the completion of each course as proof of completion.