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“Behind every good business is a great accountant.” - Piyush Maru

Program Overview

Accounting is the study of information that tracks a company’s revenue and expenses. The whole investment structure of the economy, both local and global, relies heavily on accountants to make sure financial data is accurate.

One of the greatest benefits of earning an accounting degree is that accountants are always widely demanded among the nation’s professional workforce, even during times of high unemployment. Accountants are also favored by most employers for their unique mathematical abilities, as well as critical thinking and analytical skills.

With a degree in Accounting from USFSM, graduates have the accounting and business knowledge needed for careers in various industries, including government, nonprofit and public accounting.

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Is the Accounting Program Right For You?

Are you team oriented? Do you enjoy working with numbers and applying your knowledge through technology? Do you like interacting with clients and other professionals? If so, then you should consider a career in accounting. To succeed, you must have strong critical thinking skills, including the ability to analyze, identify and address relevant issues with financial information. Accountants must also know how to communicate effectively, write well-structured recommendations and explain conclusions with supportive data.

Future Careers

After completing USFSM’s Accounting program, graduates will be well equipped to begin a variety of careers, such as:

Certified Public Accountants (requires 150 hours for license)
Forensic Accountants
IRS Special Agents
Staff Auditors
Audit Managers
Tax Managers and Consultants,
Account Executives
Internal Auditors
Financial Planners
Credit Analysts,
Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
…and many more!

Since the skills developed in USFSM’s Accounting program are transferrable to many areas of business, this degree is widely demanded by employers in all fields and graduates will find themselves well trained for success.

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