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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."
— John Dewey

Program Overview

The M.A. in Secondary Education, English Education is designed for those with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of English. Graduates of this program will have a Master’s degree in Education that includes 18 graduate credit hours in English.

Students in the English Education program work closely with faculty in Education and English who are recognized as strong researchers and teachers in literature, composition, instructional design and human development and learning, with experience in schools and educational organizations. This program is designed for working professionals, featuring strong faculty mentorship and one-on-one advising to give students maximum flexibility.

Students expand on their undergraduate background in literature while gaining applied experience in teaching. Coursework and fieldwork prepare students to apply effective teaching methods in college and secondary classrooms. The cross-disciplinary sequence of courses explores content areas as well as technologies for the classroom. Research skills and strategies to improve instruction are included and field experiences are required.

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Is the English Education Program Right for You?

Do you tend to be curious and engaged when studying literature? Are you seeking a lively exchange of ideas with mentors and peers in an intimate setting? Candidates for this program are passionate about learning how to teach English to diverse learners at the secondary and college levels.

They are committed to professional excellence in the study of literature, writing, research and best educational practices. If you have an interest in teaching and mentoring teenagers or young adults through English education, USFSM’s MAEE could be the right fit for you.

Future Careers

Graduates of this program can pursue careers as secondary English teachers in private schools, charter schools or lowerlevel colleges. This program does not require certification nor does it lead to certification, but it will cultivate your passions for English and education all while giving you the tools you need to become a successful teacher of English for young adults.

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