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Program Overview

The finance major at USF Sarasota-Manatee is designed to ensure that graduates understand the tools of financial decision making and possess the skills necessary to adapt to developments in the field. Finance graduates will understand the functions and operations of financial markets and computer applications and learn how to analyze and utilize information to make optimal financial decisions.

Relying on an interdisciplinary approach, the finance major draws on economic theory, accounting, information systems and the quantitative decision frameworks of statistics and mathematics. Course content is designed to enhance cooperative work skills and communication skills. Starting salaries of finance majors tend to be higher than those of most other business degrees. Since this degree is applicable to many fields, finance majors can look forward to a variety of career opportunities.

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Is the Finance Program Right for You?

Do you have the ability to maintain working relationships? Are you a strong textual and verbal communicator? If so, a degree in Finance might suit your personality. This major is perfect for people skilled in math and those enjoy problem solving. They think outside the box to develop answers to issues, but use a logical framework to carry out day-to-day tasks.

Future Careers

This degree provides a comprehensive background for students seeking general careers in business and is designed to prepare students with skills needed to pursue professional degrees in areas such as law and public administration. USFSM’s Finance graduates are prepared for entry-level and advanced careers in financial corporate management, financial planning, banking, insurance, management of financial institutions, investments, financial services and real estate.

USFSM’s finance program can apply to a broad range of careers making it valuable for people who wish to enter the professional business world.

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