Winter Intersession Term 2017-2018

Are you interested in fast-tracking your education? Here at USFSM, we are now offering several online classes during the three-week intersession.

Winter 2017-2018
Class Dates: December 11, 2017-January 3, 2018
Intersession Academic Calendar


Students are permitted to register for one intersession course. Those interested are highly encourage speak with their academic advisor for further details.

CGS 2100 – Computers in Business
HFT 3894 – International Food and Culture
EVR 2001 – Intro to Environmental Science
MUL 2010 – Music and Culture
SPC 2608  – Public Speaking
BSC 1005 – Biological Principles for Non-Majors

Register for Spring and Winter Intersession terms at the same time! Registration appointment times are now posted in OASIS.

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Winter Intersession Informational Flyer