Kudos from Schools

I am so proud to be a part of the USFSM School of Education! My experiences here have truly been nothing short of amazing. The professors take the time to really know their students and their compassion and love for education radiates through all of us! The opportunities and experiences that I have encountered have been extremely valuable and I know my future will benefit immensely as a result. Go Bulls!

Naomi Jacobs
Educators’ Alliance
Vice President, 2013-2014

When I first transferred to USFSM from SCF I was very nervous about the “University” atmosphere. I was worried I would get lost in the shuffle. I soon came to realize that would not be the case. From my very first class, every single one of my professors has taken the time and effort to get to know me, not just as a student but also as a person. This has been the tone throughout my experience at USF-SM. I never thought I would feel so proud to attend a school, but as the semesters progressed and I saw our professors “practice what they were preaching” by creating a community and facilitating instruction through cooperative and creative application of arts integrated teaching, I cannot help but feel pride for the institution that has provided me such an amazing education.

I feel the communication between professors has been vital to my success. The order in which the courses I was advised to complete had an amazing flow and connection from one to another with the perfect amount of front-loading and overlap of information. I never went into a class on my first day without hearing some information I learned in another class. I was able to make valuable, real world connections in every course.

Finally, I feel being an active part of a club on campus has enhanced my academic experience as well as helped me build a network of peers and advisors. The professional development and the materials each club has to offer are invaluable and FREE to all students. It blows my mind why a student wouldn’t want to be active in a club on campus. To be completely honest, I initially joined a club when I was first accepted into the SOE because I was scared of failure. I read a statistic that students who are active in clubs, perform better academically. I was skeptical but I was going to do anything I could not to fail. The results were instantaneous. The amount of knowledge and the friendships I have gained from my future colleagues is something I would never give up.

Although I am about to graduate, I am motivated to further continue my education by earning my master’s degree. I also plan on being an active alumni and give back in any way I can to the University that made me change my mind about learning. I am and will always be proud to be a Bull!

Laura O’ “Quinn” Jorge
President, Educators’ Alliance
University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee