USFSM School of Education is a trailblazer in regional, national and international education, particularly undergraduate and graduate teacher education and educational leadership.  The School’s programs are taking a powerful and innovative direction by connecting the science of education to the inspiration and lessons that are found in the arts. The Center of Partnerships for Arts-Integrated Teaching (PAInT) brings together faculty from across disciplines to integrate critical and creative literacy into teaching. It is bold, exciting, and provocative, with far-reaching influence on educational success.

The significant artistic resources that naturally reside in our community are being harnessed so that future educators can learn how, when and where to integrate the arts into their teaching methods. By incorporating all the various forms of art – literary, visual and performing – into the daily program of school children, teachers can leverage the power of learning for their students.

These learning gains for our students are aligned with the synergies of local educational and arts institutions to enhance the learning experience. The collaboration of these considerable resources will pay dividends for generations to come.

Teachers and principals shape the future every day. If you dream of making a difference – in your classroom and in our community – there’s no better place to start than here. Our guiding principles – learn, lead, inspire, transform – are reflected in every aspect of our program and give our graduates a foundation that will serve them throughout their careers.

Benefits beyond the classroom

As a nationally accredited institution, USFSM meets the highest standards of professional educator preparation in the United States. Our programs stress real-world clinical experiences, such as those offered in our professional partnership network, which enrich students’ education through the guidance and effective teaching strategies of our faculty and colleagues in the field. We carry out this work as a community of scholars in an active research environment. Students, scholars and practitioners work together to build successful educational institutions and programs and to positively impact the lives of students. Every day our faculty and students are in the community, discovering ways we can improve the education of children and adults for years to come, and sharing what we have learned with scholars internationally.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, students are eligible for the initial Professional Educator Certificate in Elementary Education (K-6) with an ESOL endorsement through the Florida Department of Education. The School also offers several master’s degree programs for students new and/or experienced in the field of education.