SOE Councils


The Continuous Improvement Advisory Council (CIAC) evaluates SOE continuous improvement progress and reports findings with any recommendations to SOE faculty and staff for program and unit modifications. Members of the CIAC implement changes in the field, where appropriate.  The CIAC consists of members serving a two or three year term and includes representatives from the partner school district and building levels, independent schools and business members, the broader USFSM community, two members of the SOE Assessment committee, one adjunct faculty member, the SOE Coordinator of Assessment, the USFSM Assessment Coordinator, a current student or recent graduate, and the Director. Members of the CIAC participated in the creation of the conceptual framework.

The Clinical Education Subcommittee of CIAC works with the SOE Clinical Education Coordinator to collaborate, to evaluate, and to improve performance of candidates, the unit, and its programs.  It advises regarding changes in the field, and provides guidance and direction for entry and exit requirements into the field experiences.  Its members implement changes in the field, where appropriate.