Dr. David Schenck

Schenck_WebUSF Sarasota Dean Dr. David Schenck, 1990 to 1998, said he was most proud during his tenure of two accomplishments (of which neither concerned academics in the strictest sense): Creating the annual “Brunch on the Bay” fundraising event and “Dance, the Next Generation,” an after-school program.

Dr. Schenck said he wanted to help inner-city schools and with dance close to his heart, it made sense to combine the two. Working with parents, local schools and ballet instructors, he started Dance, the Next Generation to offer children a creative outlet. “This was an after-school program that we brought to the campus for disadvantaged grade-school kids, kids from Title I schools,” Dr. Schenck said. “We not only taught ballet, but we taught the kids about discipline and perseverance and having dedication to something. It was a terrific program.”

Dr. Schenck also collaborated with staff, community leaders and boosters like Charles Baumann on a completely different project: “Brunch on the Bay.” Known as USFSM’s signature annual fundraising event, the 22-year-old brunch started for completely different reasons: “The whole point was really to make our presence known in Manatee and Sarasota counties,” Dr. Schenck said. “The local communities were really unaware of the university program. Everybody knew about New College, but nobody really knew that there was another university here. Brunch on the Bay was designed to heighten the profile of the university and it was successful in doing that. I was very proud of that event.”