TPC About & Membership


The USFSM T&P Committee is responsible for reviewing the applications for tenure of tenure-track faculty and for promotion of tenure-track/tenured faculty.  The committee makes its recommendations to the Regional Vice Chancellor of Academic & Student Affairs.  The committee also assesses the progress towards tenure of candidates at mid-tenure point and makes its recommendations regarding their continued employment as tenure-track faculty.  In some cases, the committee may be called upon to evaluate and make recommendations for non-tenure-track instructor promotion cases.  In addition, the T&P committee acts as the review committee for sabbatical applications for faculty.


The T&P Committee includes five members, each of whom serve two-year terms.  Each of the four colleges on the campus elect one representative and one at-large member of the committee is elected in a general election across all of the colleges.

Current Membership (2017-2018)

Chair: Dr. Christine Ruva CSM
Members: Dr. Scott Perry CLASS
Dr. Katerina Annaraud CHTL
Dr. Kiyoung Chang COB
Dr. James Unnever CLASS